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Box Trapper Cpanel Software

Due to higher than normal volumes of spam reports we have taken the decision to retire the use of Boxtrapper CPanel software across all our clients hosted accounts.

The Boxtrapper verification email that is sent out by the Boxtrapper application has been reported on many occasions as being spam itself, generally caused by the spoofing of an accounts email address, with the offender sending out many pam emails, the responses from that spam email being sent to the genuine account and the Boxtrapper software, as part of the normal verification process, sending out the normal verification email.

It does seem somewhat of a shame as we have seen in the past excellent results with the use of Boxtrapper software, however, in order to protect our IP address status this decision has had to be taken and it hasn’t been taken lightly.

We have reviewed several options with regards to the control of spam and are currently trialling the use of MxGuarddog anti spam software, once we have extensively tested this service we will write a full detailed review here. In the meantime our testing to date has proved to be very successful.

In the meantime, if any of our clients wish for us to set up this service on their email accounts so they can test it themselves please contact us.

DLS Spamflare Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering Service

After successful trials of the MX Guarddog anti spam software by ourselves and several of our clients we are pleased to announce that we have now rolled out the DLS Spamflare Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering Service, which is a white label version of the MX Guarddog Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Service. Further details can be read here.