MX Guarddog Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering ServiceFollowing our announcement on the 29th March 2017 that we would be retiring CPanel BoxTrapper software from our servers we reviewed several other options and have been trialling the use of the MX Guarddog antispam.

Several of our clients have now moved across to this service, migrations have not only been smooth, without any technical issues, but more importantly we have not received any reports of missing emails during, or after the migration process.

The switchover to this service is almost instantaneous, clients do not need to alter any of their desktop, tablet or mobile device email settings. Propagation across the internet of the new MX records can take 24 – 48 hours therefore for a period of time following the migration some email will arrive via the original channels which may include spam, after two days this has generally ceased.

The service has resulted in an average of 82.75% of email being classified as Spam across the examined accounts throughout April 2017, saving ourselves and our clients much valued time in dealing with these unwelcome emails.

Viruses have been captured at the service end and emails blocked successfully.

DLS Spamflare Service

DLS Spamflare

We are pleased to announce that we have now established a White Label version of the software in concert with Mx GuardDog known as DLS Spamflare and our customer accounts whom have been trialling the service have now been migrated across to this bespoke service.

Quarantine Emails

DLS Spamflare Quarantine EmailOur clients by default receive twice daily email quarantine reports which detail email that is currently held in their quarantine queue that has been initially marked as potential spam.

Feedback has been that the quarantine emails are of great benefit, definite spam, from blacklisted IP addresses, incorrectly set up mail servers, invalid MX DNS records etc. are not reported within the quarantine email, only email that is ‘potentially spam’ is reported.

By simply clicking on the subject line of an email that is listed within the quarantine email allows the user to release the email or release the email and white list the sender.

We can alter the number of quarantine reports sent per day and the times that these are sent out by the service or even stop them completely.

The entire quarantine queue is retained for a minimum of 7 days but may be as long as 14 days dependant on your email volume.

Spam Aggression Settings

Feedback to date has been that that the aggression levels we have set by default are working, although the aggression levels can be reduced or increased by request.


Client’s contact lists can be uploaded to the service so as to automatically whitelist any emails received from their contacts, as well as the ability to whitelist a domain so that email from any address at the whitelisted domain will automatically be delivered.


Email addresses and email from a domain can also be blacklisted as required.

Want the DLS Anti-Spam and Ani-Virus Filtering Service?

We are now making this service available to all our clients, if you are interested in discussing the options open to you then please contact us for further details and pricing.