Whether you’re promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is near the top of what will determine your success or failure, it is therefore so important to succeed with your online presence that your efforts are not only placed with your website content and search engine optimisation but with social media.

It’s not only about marketing and stockpiling Facebook likes or Twitter followers, it’s about engagement with your audience once you have begun to build up that audience.

Yes you can always go and buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers. For as little as £12 you can buy almost instantly 3,000 Facebook likes and 3,000 new Twitter followers, the problem is they are just that, numbers. For some that may look good and add a little to their ego, the idea of social media marketing however is to build engagement with your followers that in turn drives your business forward. Use Social Media both within and outside your business, in turn you will reap the rewards with deeper loyalty from customers who feel understood, valued and included. Purchased Facebook likes and Twitter followers are very unlikely to be any more than a number on your account and a number that frankly may not be there for long.

At Domain Leasing Services, more by accident than intention, we began involvement in developing some of our Clients social media marketing as it was a natural follow on from securing their domain, designing their website and working on their natural search engine optimisation.

We have built substantial experience over several years of building quality Facebook likes and Twitter followers with general engagement with those followers for and on behalf of our Clients on a daily basis. We encourage our Clients to engage further with their audience themselves on a regular basis and almost certainly answering any business enquiries, positive or (more importantly in our view) negative feedback that they may have received through the social media channels. It can take years to develop a brand and days to lose it if positive action is not taken if an issue arises.

Our services are really the start of the process, once the results begin to show then it’s that all important one to one engagement that creates more interest in your business and brand.

Social media analytics are now readily available across the majority of platforms, the very basic reports being available for free, these enable you to keep a close eye on just how your Social Media Marketing is working out, Quality and not Quantity really is the key to your success, but to have both is the ultimate success that should be almost certainly within your long term aspiration.

Please give us a shout via our online contact form to find out how we may be able to assist you with your social media marketing.