Have you got a friend who is a painter and decorator?…  If so, have you ever visited his or her house?… Does it need decorating?

That’s exactly where we have been for a somewhat embarrassing period of time, our website was put there and the content was never added!

So, as we are now beginning to slow down ready for the Christmas and New Year Holidays we have started to put together our own website content…

As we are technically closed from Christmas eve lunch time through to the 5th January 2015 we will no doubt get the urge to do some work and the idea is to finish off tidying up our own website with the target being for it to be completed when we all return to work in the New Year.

We have an awful lot of work booked in up until May 2015 (which of course is fantastic news), with this in mind we may not have the chance to come back and do much more work to our own website for a period of time. Moving forwards we do intend to start posting regularly to or Blog with hints and tips as well as our, and our Clients experiences of many different software packages for use around the office.

While we are here we would like to thank our valued Clients for your continued business. It is business associates like you who make our jobs a pleasure and keep our business successful.

May your Christmas holiday and the New Year be filled with much joy and happiness, we look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come.