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About Us

The Story of Domain Leasing Services…

Our Beginnings

Our roots go as far back as Summer 1997 when we first ‘dipped our toes’ into the waters of website design and internet retailing. For a period of time that ‘dip’ became one of the largest internet based independent mobile phone retailers within the UK, it was an extremely exciting time and one of the steepest learning curves, ever…

Since then web design, hosting and search engine optimisation has evolved at a rapid pace and continues to advance, at what at times appears to be a continually increasing rate. From the times of basic raw HTML coding within notepad (which to this day still comes in extremely handy) to working today with some of the most advanced content management systems, eCommerce packages and the Bootstrap front end framework.

We remember with some fondness the days of the ‘obligatory’ text counters on websites  displaying:

You are visitor number 401,916 to this site, thank you’

We value our clients, their business and our suppliers, we work closely with our clients to achieve their goal and to look after their part of the World Wide Web.

About Us

Our Moto is simple, but meaningful…

Your part of the World Wide Web, looked after…

When dealing with us don’t expect to be in a call queue waiting to speak to a human being or speaking to someone so far removed from the workings of your website, your hosting or your application, expect to speak to people at the front end dealing with it for you directly.

About Us - Domain Leasing Services

Working with several different Small Medium Enterprise businesses we come across many questions about the Internet and IT related problems on a daily basis. We have vast experience of many different software packages along with developing application packages ourselves, working alongside other locally based highly experienced bespoke developers when required.

Not only do we place a high value on our clients and their business, but we also place similar values on the working relationships we have established over the years with our suppliers, several of whom we have worked with since way back in 1997. Not only do we still share a superb working relationship with them, over the years many have become firm friends. We are very much aware that without their support over the years we would not be able to continue to support our own clients to the level that we do.

If you have any questions about what your next plan may be please do speak with us first, we may have some experience and advice that could make your life just that bit easier!

Initially, please give us a shout via our online contact form, it would be great to hear from you. We will get back to you at our earliest opportunity either by email or phone, absolutely your choice.

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