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Domain Leasing

Whats is Domain Leasing?

Like a car lease, domain leasing gives you the right to temporarily use a domain over a specified time period, generally one to five years, while making regular monthly lease payments to the registrant of the domain (or their acting agent).

All our domain leases afford the lessee the option to purchase the domain name for a pre-agreed price, usually any time after year one of the lease agreement.

Domain leasing allows the lessee access to high-value domain names without the substantial upfront costs of a normal purchase.

As time goes by the availability of a domain that is related to its target market becomes rarer and rarer, the end result being that the value of the domain increases over a period of time.

When we initially became involved within the web hosting, design and domain business we took the view that the value of domains would increase over time. We, therefore, invested over the last 25 years or so, in effect the same as a speculative landlord would,  by registering and maintaining hundreds of keyword rich domains. Over time many of those domains have been leased to our clients, some of whom have been leasing them now for many years, some leased them initially, ‘proved their business concept’ and have subsequently taken advantage of the ability to purchase the domain from us during the lease period.

It turns out that we weren’t wrong, domains have sold over the years for vast sums. In 2010 the domain sold for USD$49.7 Million Dollars and more recently, in 2015, the domain sold for USD$17million(*)

Despite not quite achieving the title of selling a ‘million-dollar domain’ our speculative domain investments have proved relatively fruitful, both for ourselves as investors and for our clients who have benefited from the ability to operate them as a web front end for their own business.

(*) Source

Why is Domain Leasing Beneficial?

  • You get to the top almost instantly; keyword rich domains have a much better chance of first page Google and Bing organic search engine results when compared against non-key word rich domains;
  • You spend less money up front on the domain, allowing funding to be spent on building the product or service and marketing it;
  • We work with you to agree on a fair purchase price for the domain in the future, allowing your idea to be built and proven before committing to the capital purchase costs; and
  • Lease rentals costs may be offset against tax.

If you’re looking to hit the ground running to maximise your sales revenue, brand credibility and hence profits, domain leasing can make available to you domains for an exclusive period of time that may not otherwise have been available.

It will more than likely be the case that you do not have the budget available to purchase a domain, or that it is not available to purchase, that’s where we come along. We have full control and ownership of hundreds of domains, with many hundreds already out on lease, we also have many contacts that have control of other domains that may be available to lease through us.

Domain Leasing

Domain Leasing can be on flexible lease terms with or without automatic renewal options, once you have entered into a lease agreement we can point the domain nameserver records to your own web space or we can supply you with the web hosting you need to operate your domain. We can even arrange for a website to be designed and built with bespoke database programming to be written if required, search engine optimisation, social networking and other marketing services.

Hit the ground running to maximise your revenue, brand credibility and hence profits, lease the right domain now.

Please give us a shout via our online contact form to find out if we have an appropriate domain available for leasing or, if you are a domain owner looking to return a regular income on your investment drop us a line, we may be able to assist you in leasing or selling your domain.

Available Domains

Take a look at our current list of available domain portfolios and any one-off domains that we may currently have available for lease. There may just be the one ready to go to help kick-start your business online…

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