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Domain Leasing

If you are looking to hit the ground running to maximise your sales revenue, brand credibility and hence profits, domain leasing can make available to you domains for an exclusive period of time that may not be otherwise available to you.

You may have the budget to purchase a domain, however, when considering the recent sale prices that some domains have achieved then this may simply not be an option.

Domain Sold Price Date US $49.7 Million 2010 US $35.6 Million 2010 US $35 Million 2007 US $30.18 Million 2012 US $18 Million 2009 US $16 Million 2009 US $13 Million 2010 US $11 Million 2001 US $50 dollars short of $10 Million 2008 US $9.5 Million 2007

Of course these .com domain pieces are the extreme, however, domains have also achieved significant values in recent years.

Domain Sold Price Date £560,000 2008 £314,465 2012 £175,000 2008 £150,000 2007 £150,000 2009 £135,000 2008 £130,425 2007 £120,000 2007 £100,000 2009 £100,000 2009

It will more than likely be the case that you do not have the budget available to purchase a domain, or that it is not available to purchase, that’s where we come along… We have full control and ownership of hundreds of domains, with many already out on lease, we also have many contacts that have control of other domains that may be available for lease through us.

Domain Leasing can be on flexible lease terms with or without automatic renewal options, once you have entered into a lease agreement we can point the domain nameserver records to your own web space or we can supply you with the web space you need to operate your domain. We can even arrange for a website to be designed and built and bespoke data base programming to be written if required, search engine optimisation, social networking and other marketing services.

Please give us a shout via our online contact form to find out if we have an appropriate domain available for leasing or, if you are a domain owner looking to return a regular income on your investment.

DLS Spamflare Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering Service

After successful trials of the MX Guarddog anti spam software by ourselves and several of our clients we are pleased to announce that we have now rolled out the DLS Spamflare Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering Service, which is a white label version of the MX Guarddog Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Service. Further details can be read here.