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Software Acquisition

Avoid the Pitfalls…

Over our many years of running our own business and assisting our clients with their own businesses, we have had the opportunity to become involved with the process of identifying, reviewing, testing and installing software that will assist within the business.

Once the software requirements have been identified, and that requirement tested, the process of reviewing the options available to purchase software versus the bespoke software application route is considered. Both options have their benefits and the outcome of that decision is generally driven by time frames and just how the software that may be able to be purchased can work within the business and what, if any, changes to processes may have to be made to make the software work for the business and not the other way around.

If its purchased software then the chances are we could already have some experience of it, and maybe a direct account with the software developers. Purchasing through our direct account brings benefits of a closer relationship with software developers, better access to support and for our retained clients potentially substantial financial savings can be achieved.

We work as to what is best for our client not what’s  best for us, once the software is identified we investigate what financial savings can be made not only for the initial software acquisition but for the ongoing costs of support and updates, we are absolutely not driven by who we have, or have not, got an account with.

IT Outsourcing

From everyday office software tools, holiday planners, template files, who’s in the office, email retention all the way through to complex back end systems, with integration to a website front end, payment gateway, warehouse stock control, despatch, delivery tracking and social media integration it’s all possible and we’ve handled it before.

Software Acquisition

Software as a Service (SaaS) is evolving daily, with the benefit of

  • Low set up and infrastructure costs;
  • Accessible from anywhere;
  • Rapid implementation;
  • Scalability;
  • Industry-leading service level agreements;
  • Automatic, frequent updates;
  • Timely improvements; and
  • Security at the highest level.

SaaS is a game changer for small businesses. By making day-to-day infrastructure needs a monthly operational expense that can be scaled up or down as an organisation’s needs evolve, many small businesses can now afford technology upgrades that were previously unavailable to them.

For example, the ability to outsource the provision and management of key functions enables a growing team to focus on its core skills. Rapid set-up, minimal up-front costs, remote working support and scalability are all obvious benefits, too.

If you are considering your next step with your business software let’s have a chat, it may come to nothing, but nothing is lost. We may just be able to help steer you away from the many pitfalls that potentially await you, it may just develop into your ideal software solution and a superb working relationship…

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