If you were to search google for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists you will see over 360 Million results all from different enterprises offering differing options of expert SEO services all promoting to you differing pay per click type campaigns with the common goal of achieving a page one result for you.

With pay per click generally the more you ‘bid’ for the key word the higher up the displayed advertisements you will show, therefore with a bucket full of cash from a massive advertising budget this can be achievable very easily and quickly, by anyone, the problem is how big the bucket of cash really is.

We have also seen over several years the many differing pay per click scammers out there, from web hosts that display adverts from the pay per click network on their own websites, click on the links on their web pages in order to be paid by the pay per click network the commission for the click to your website, which of course you pay for.

The pay per click agent who claims for a set price each month you will get top of the search page and an unlimited amount of click through’s to your web site, all for a set monthly fee, payable to them 6 months in advance…

Search the internet for these scams and make sure you are not caught out, separating the wheat from the chaff is the difficult thing to do…

The importance you place on the position of your search engine results directly affects the number of web site visitors you may achieve, what they do when they get there is totally down to the quality of your website content.

Some interesting facts with regard to search engine placement:-

  • 93% of website visitors are generated from internet search engines
  • 89% of those visitors are first-time visitors
  • 99% of internet searchers do not look beyond the top 30 search engine results
  • 97% of them never look beyond the top 10 search engine results
  • Top 10 search engine positions receive 78% more traffic than those on page two and three (in positions 11-30)
  • 85% of online revenue is generated from websites in the top 10 positions on search engine result pages
  • 93% of global consumers use search engines to find websites
  • 77% of Google users use the natural/organic search links

With over 22 years’ experience of internet search engine marketing expertise behind us we do know what we are doing. SEO changes by the week, ‘tricks’ may produce short term results but for long term sustainable results SEO has to be worked on and thought out very carefully from the start.

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